Raising Baby Turtles

Last tour update 3/15/2018

    If you visit TurtleTails.com often, you know that this web site was created to share pictures of turtles with you for the simple enjoyment of doing so. Many enjoyable hours are spent doing just that.

    While showing our turtles and how we house them to fellow herpers (something we also enjoy doing), they were pleased to learn some of our techniques for raising baby turtles. We realized that you may enjoy going behind-the-scenes as well so we created these tours.

    Beginning with the introduction of our first three tours, the popularity of "Raising Baby Turtles" has been more than was anticipated and indicates to us that more content of this nature will be appreciated. Please keep in mind that these tours are not care sheets or advise. There are plenty of web sites that provide care sheets and tell you what to do and think. The tours are simply the sharing of ideas and techniques we use. None of these techniques are necessary to keep turtles successfully.

    The tours on this page deal mainly with baby turtles and indoor habitats. A second series of tours, Backyard Turtles, features the keeping turtles outdoors. The few tours on this page that deal with outdoor techniques were written before the Backyard Turtles page and will remain on this page.Don't forget to visit the Backyard Turtles page.

    In order for you to better understand the techniques presented here, please know that any turtles featured on these pages that are kept in captivity by us are kept as pets. They are cherished. Each one is named and relates to us in its own way. They are not kept as specimens and are never sold to others. We want them to be healthy, happy, and with us for a very long time.

    With this in mind, we can express our goals for housing turtles as follows:

        1.    Provide healthy and safe environments,
        2.    Provide interesting and enjoyable environments,
        3.    Minimize daily maintenance,
        4.    Have fun!

    So lets go behind the scenes and see some of these techniques:

Tour 1: Baby Land Turtles
Setting up an open vivarium for box turtles and other terrestrial turtles.
Revised 5/13/2012
Tour 2: Baby Water Turtles
Setting up an aquarium for small water turtles.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 3: Give My Poor Turtle a Bone
Yes! We give our turtles bones.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 4: Rub-a-Dub Dub
Three turtles in a tub for their weekly soak.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 5: An Interesting and Enjoyable Environment
And fun to create.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 6: In the Leaf Litter
An ever changing environment.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 7: A Better Island Planter
Just one of many variations of a theme.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 8: Caring for Turtle Eggs
Answers to many many emails on how we incubate turtle eggs.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 9: Summer Box for Juvenile Box Turtles Outdoors
Time to move young box turtles outside.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 10: Feeding Baby Turtles
More on feeding baby turtles.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 11: Hibernation of Pet Turtles
What we do with our turtles during Pennsylvania winters.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 12: Many Uses for Concrete
Projects for aquariums, outdoors habitats, and around the yard.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 13: Using Brass and Copper
Projects for aquariums and vivariums.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 14: Help! I Found a Turtle
Our thoughts and advise as often conveyed in emails.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 15: Do Turtle Shells Peel?
An answer to another common email we receive.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 16: Handling Pet Turtles
How and how often we handle our pet turtles.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 17: Hide Boxes for Turtles
How we make hide boxes for our pet turtles.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 18: Starting Hatchling Water Turtles
How we start raising hatchling water turtles.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 19: A Floating Island Planter
That's right! A floating island for turtles that is filled with plants.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 20: Breeding Pet Turtles
No we do not breed turtles. They do it all by themselves.
Revised 12/17/2011
Tour 21: A Muddy Pool for a Pet Snapping Turtle
It doesn't get much better for a pet snapping turtle.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 22: How Much Space for Pet Turtles
Think of yourself as your turtle's space rather than the container that houses it most of the time.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 23: A Temporary Turtle Pen
Not all pet turtles have permenent outdoors enclosures to use.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 24: Decorating Vivariums with Turkey Tails
Yes we are decorating vivariums with fungi.
Revised 1/15/2010
Tour 25: Before You Go to the Pet Store
We recommend that you start at home not at the pet store.
Revised 7/18/2010
Tour 26: Steampunk Terraqueous Etagere
You will just have to read this tour to see what it is about.
New 1/9/2013

We hope you enjoyed the tours and will visit the tours on the Backyard Turtles page. Come back again; more tours are planned.
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